USHA Misty 10L Twinkling Grey

  • USHA Misty 10L Twinkling Grey

USHA Misty 10L Twinkling Grey

(Misty 10L )


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  1. Suitable for smaller/nuclear families and recommended for the homes with space constraint. The models in this segment have minimalistic design, making it a a great fit for your space
  2. Heavy Duty Magnesium anode to prevent rust and corrosion enhances life even with hard water.
  3. Anti Corrosion ABS Body
  4. High grade Superior PUF insulation reduce heat loss, improves energy efficiency and enables faster heating
  5. High grade heating element - Incoloy 800 element with glass lined enamel coating increases the life of element
  6. Single weld line on inner tank reduces water leakage risk
  7. Whirl Flow technology for faster heating and maximum energy saving
  8. IPX 4 protects agains water splashes
  9. Dry Heating Protection
  10. High pressure withstanding capacity of upto 8 bar suitable for high rise building of up to 20 floors
  11. Capillary type high precision thermostat and thermal cut-out to cut off electricity when temperature exceeds set limit
  12. Multi function valve that releases pressure when temperature exceeds set limit and prevents backflow of water. Also drains out water when safety is breached
  13. Colours Available: Ivory Gold Twinkling Grey

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