USHA Misty 25L Ivory Gold HL

  •  USHA Misty 25L Ivory Gold HL

USHA Misty 25L Ivory Gold HL

(Misty 25L )


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  1. Technical Specifications
  2. Ideal for a mid-size family. This can be used comfortably by all the family members without waiting for the water to be heated again. Some models in this segment have compact design with digital display to add to aesthetic appeal.
  3. Heavy Duty Magnesium anode to prevent rust and corrossion enhances life even with hard water.
  4. Anti Corrossion ABS Body
  5. High grade Superior PUF insulation reduce heat loss, improves energy efficieny and enables faster heating
  6. High grade heating element - Incoloy 800 element with glasslined enamel coating increases the life of element
  7. Single weld line on inner tank reduces water leakage risk
  8. Whirlflow technology for faster heating and maximum energy saving
  9. IPX 4 protects agains water splashes
  10. Dry Heating Protection

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